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Remi Oudinot

Remi Oudinot

Digital Marketing Professional

Born in Reims (France). Studied Marketing and Management in Strasbourg (FR) - IECS, Strasbourg Graduate School of Management and Maastricht (NL) - Rijksuniversiteit Limburg. Graduated in June 95. "Online" since October 95 and living in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Digital Marketer

I have built my expertise in B2B  Marketing & Communications activities, with a strong focus on Innovation and IT.

I define and implement strategies to promote innovative, high-level solutions, while working with cross-cultural teams and interacting with key influencers on a daily basis.

I am passionate about implementing clever web marketing strategies and monitoring how they influence both the corporate image & business performance on a global scale.

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  • B2B / B2G Marketing
  • Corporate Identity
  • e-Reputation
  • Social Media
  • Monitoring & Analytics
  • SEO & SEM
  • PR & Communications
  • Focus on IT and Innovation


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Flying Since 1987

The pure joy of flying does not just come from the ability to « escape » the ground. For me it is also based on the fact that you never stop learning.

I did my first solo flight when I was 15, in a simple glider over the vast plains of Champagne (France). I eventually became a certified airplane pilot a few years later and never stopped flying since then. I have logged flight time on various machines, from the simple but delightful Jodel or Piper L4 to the fast, sophisticated and glass-cockpit equipped Cirrus SR20. There’s always a new skill to acquire or a new territory to explore.

Too many words? Then simply watch my flight videos, available on my YouTube channel.

YouTube channel Remi Oudinot


Remi Oudinot - Cirrus SR22 Las Vegas



I do mostly street photography.

When out for “shooting”, I am on my own, a stranger in the crowd. This is especially true when I’m travelling abroad. I don’t look specifically for funny or odd situations, à la Doisneau, but rather I stop at simple human beings who, just like me, seem to be “strangers lost in the crowd”. They might be “locals”, but the expression I see on their face, the feelings their attitude conveys, separate them from the flow.

I am now mostly shooting digital (a former Nikon gear-head, now a happy and secretive Fuji X100 owner) but am still using a medium-format film camera from time to time (a Yashica Mat 124G). Nothing beats the gigantic, luminous real-life viewfinder of this thirtytwo-years old film camera.

You can check my online portfolio here (or simply have a quick look at some of my pictures below).

I have exhibited several times, in France, Luxembourg and Singapore.

  • « Si d’Aventures » – Exhibition, selected by the « Maison de la Photographie et de l’Image » – Mars 2010
  • « State of Creation » – Exhibition & Winning Artist – Chamber of Commerce/European Commission Luxembourg – June 2010
  • « Mes Semblables » – Solo Exhibition at Arthaud Gallery, Grenoble – October 2010
  • « France + Singapore New Generation Artists 2011 » – Exhibition & Finalist – SG Private Banking Gallery, Alliance Française de Singapour – Group Show, September 2011

Fine Art prints, limited editions, available on demand.

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