Lomé, Togo, Fuji

C’est un petit pays mais c’est un port immense, coincé entre deux frontières. Un pays où chaque épave garde de la valeur. Rien n’est superflu, rien n’est trop usé. C’est le travail difficile de tous pour assurer le quotidien de la famille, mais c’est aussi un sourire que rien n’altère. Le sourire de l’Afrique.

It’s a small country but it’s a huge harbour, wedged between two borders. A country where every wreck has value. Nothing is superfluous, nothing is too worn out. It is the hard work of all to ensure the daily life of the family, but it is also a smile that nothing alters. The smile of Africa.

(📷 Fuji X100V)

Flight line walk, a short story

Last weekend, the airshow celebrating the Battle of Britain took place in Duxford. Long before the crews started the engines of their Messerschmitt, Hurricane, Lysander and other wonderful, 80 years-old flying machines, the show started on the ground, for those who had access to the flight line. A crowd of volunteers participated in giving a unique, 1940 atmosphere.

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

Winston Churchill

Traveling to Duxford is like playing with a time machine. Remembering that, as Churchill once said, “never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

Duxford Airshow 2019

Testing the iPhone XR sensor.

Challenging light here but the new iPhone XR performs very well. It still managed to capture details in the shadows while not burning the bright sky.

See below for a before and after: the untouched picture and, once clicked, a version edited with Snapseed posted on Instagram (which might be slightly over-processed, I confess, but it shows the level of details preserved).

By the way, this is the beautiful AMPA Morane Saulnier MS317 (1937) based at Lausanne Airport, Switzerland.

MS 317
Morane Saulnier MS 317 (1937)