Lausanne, 7000 feet above

I had my Biennial Flight Review* today, in a very windy, chilly, atmosphere. It all went well. We’re so privileged to be able to enjoy such a view only minutes after having left the city’s busy streets. Picture taken at approx. 7000ft above Lausanne, Switzerland with my iPhone 6 Plus. Post-processing via Snapseed.

(*: in fact, to be precise and verbose, I should say EASA revalidation license proficiency check (LPC) of my single-engine piston class rating)

Yet another aviation portfolio

I have recently published a new online portfolio, dedicated to aviation photography.

I am not a spotter, I don’t even own a decent tele-lens. So most of my aviation photography is about capturing lines and details, while these wonderful machines sit on the tarmac.

Moscow Russian Air Force Museum, Sion airshow, Courlaoux : everything is here.